Immigration and Settlement

Nine years after the California gold rush of 1849, gold was found at Boston Bar in the Fraser River. The Chinese, now unwanted in California, for the first time began arriving from America and later from China to work claims along the Fraser River in the colony of British Columbia.  Most Chinese came from the Pearl River Delta region of southern China. These sojourners were almost all single men who would send what remained of their meager earnings back to their impoverished families in China.

The Chung Collection is perhaps best known for its extensive and unique collections on immigration and settlement, especially the Chinese experience in Canada and the United States.  Photographs, documents and artifacts tell stories of the struggles and eventual successes of Chinese immigrants and their descendants in fields such as business, politics and the arts.  The collection also contains extensive secondary sources on the subject of immigration and Diasporas, as well as novels and first-hand accounts describing early Chinese-Canadian and Chinese-American people and communities.  The collection also contains material related to Scottish immigration to Canada.

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